Welcome To Our Wedding Website!

We'll try to keep this up to date for those of you who are interested in watching as we progress through planning.

We're very excited to share our wedding with our friends and family.

Currently we have our venue, DJ, officiant, and photographer taken care of. There will be a lot of DIY craft type things to work on in the coming months. And no Michelle does not have a dress yet.

Update 12/6/2013: As Michelle is coming to the end of her nursing school she will very soon be looking for assistance with crafts and planning. If you are willing to help please let us know, we appreciate any help we can get!

Update 2/6/2014: Today marks 4 months or 120 days to go! We're getting ready to order our invitations and mail them with in the month. Mark is on the search for a photographer again. We had our first meeting with Curt at Wright's Mill last month and firmed up some the details. We're full steam ahead! I started a capsule for photos which will give our guests the opportunity to upload photos for us to see. I'll post more information under "Guest Information".  I've added accomodations information along with a few other details. We also started our registries. Let me know if there is something anyone thinks we should post on here.

Update 2/28/2014: Invitations are in and will be going out in the next couple weeks. I updated our wedding party information. Things are starting to move quickly! We're in the double digits left now!

Update 3/11/2014: Today is our 9 year anniversary, 3 years since we got engaged, and 87 days until the wedding. Mark confirmed our photographer last week. Now we mostly are working on finalizing things. We are trying to get invitations out this week, but I will post again when we send them.

Update 3/18/2014: My bridesmaids purchased their dresses last night and they helped me have a wonderful night out with them trying on dresses. This morning Mark purchased my dress and on Wednesday we are going to Men's Warehouse to figure out what the boys will be wearing. Thanks to Shannon we also have our centerpieces almost finalized. Things are coming together.

Update 3/20/2014: Full speed ahead. Invitations went out yesterday (narrowly under the weight for the stamp we used). We included the names of those invited and number of seats on the RSVP card in every invitation. If you have any questions please call Mark or I. Mark and I went to Men's Warehouse and he picked out his suit and everything for the guys, now they have to go get their measurements done so suits can be ordered. Most of what is left is discussing with vendors and finalizing things.

Updat 4/23/2014: Things are really moving fast now. Suits have been ordered and we're waiting for those to come in so they can be altered. I have an appointment to work out alterations this weekend and our bridesmaids all have their dresses in. We met with the DJ last week and we're very excited to work with them and think they will make the reception fun for everyone. We've taken care of favors and are waiting for them to come in. Less than a month and a half left until the wedding. Our families are throwing a Jack & Jill picnic on May 10th that we hope people can make it to. We look forward to seeing everyone. Now to work out this seating plan and finalize the decor.

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